Dear Visitor,

After 10 years of Girl Scouting, it’s finally time for me to earn the highest honor a Girl Scout can achieve: my Gold Award! As my project, I have created BrakeTrafficking, a website dedicated to education about and prevention of human trafficking, with a special focus on kids and teens in the Dallas, Texas area.


I first became aware of our city’s enormous trafficking network after watching a film named 8 Days, which adapted the true story of a 16-year-old girl abducted from a party and forced to spend eight days in sex trafficking (see the trailer here). It shocked and disgusted me that such terrible abuses against people of all ages occurred so close to home, and it scared me that my own previous ignorance of the issue had once made me more vulnerable as well. 


BrakeTrafficking's focus lies in ensuring trafficking prevention and education. When it's complete, it will feature articles, videos,  and other resources for young people to learn more about trafficking and become equipped to teach their peers. To make sure that any information I publish is accurate, I have trained with a variety of anti-trafficking organizations including the Department of Homeland Security, Traffick911, Mosaic, and Texas Health. The site is still largely under construction, but I encourage you all to continue visiting in the coming weeks for more updates and share it with your friends and family! The first step towards safety is knowledge, so please make your community more secure and click away!